As a growing, Canadian-based firm, we at Horizon Travel Magazine are dedicated to providing cutting edge travel and lifestyle information to globetrotters throughout North America. Distributed through The Toronto Star, National Post and The Wall Street Journal, our magazines boast an annual readership of over 4 million consumers in Canada and the US.

As one of North America’s premier travel and lifestyle magazines, Horizon not only is a leading resource on resorts and destinations, but also works tirelessly to explore a diverse spectrum of topics. Fulfilling our promise to keep things fresh and exciting, we are proud to introduce the Horizon, Food and Drink magazine. Bursting with locally inspired recipes, delicious beverages and tasty titbits on festivals, cooking, and all things scrumptious, join us as we serve up mouth-watering riches straight from earth.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next trip, are searching for something to do in your own neighbourhood, or simply wishing to try out a new recipe, Horizon has plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

But we don’t stop there. To deepen the penetration in each of our markets, we also feature an online facet, as well as air a digital version of each issue. Known as The Horizon Travel Show, this digital edition is shown on the outdoor screens in Greater Toronto Area and in Times Square, NY, receiving well over 90 million impressions annually.

By integrating both print and digital platforms, Horizon creates a powerful and unparalleled visibility for its magazine and its advertisers — reaching millions of people per week.