Canada Drones
Everything you need for arial film making

Many of us have heard about personal drones in the news. Some reports marvel at the cool factor, while other focus on instances where these devices have been used inappropriately, like flying around airports, highways, over crowded area or where privacy is a concern. But with common sense and guidelines the age of personal aerial cameras is here to stay.


Inspired Style
Resort & Cruisewear Unlike Any Other

Since 1972 Spanner has consistently delivered on trend collections with sophisticated styling, incomparable workmanship and exceptional fit. The Spring 2015 Spanner line is a dynamic collection designed to fit real women in sizes XS-XXL and 2–18. We Present Grande Prix...A collection, like the next.


La Maison De Pascale
Swimwear Designed To Impress

Chic, contemporary, high-quality and carefully constructed with meticulous attention to detail and design elements, La Maison De Pascale Swimwear is built to impress. Designer Marina Pascale from Toronto, Canada created the line using fine fabrics and structural components, and utilizing a more elaborate and expensive method of production. As a result each suit is in keep with the designer’s vision: a masterpiece built to last.


Fascinating Facts You Never Learned In School

In 1953, a fledgling company called Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of three set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry, in a small lab in San Diego, California. It took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. But they must have been really good, because the original secret formula for WD-40®—which stands for Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try — is still in use today.


Bio True
A New Level Of Comfort

When considering a contact lens solution there are a number of factors to consider. Will it help keep your eyes healthy? Does it provide a comfortable contact lens wearing experience? Is it convenient and easy to use? Luckily there is a bio-inspired multi-purpose contact lens solution, Biotrue‰ Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS), which is designed and developed to meet all of these requirements.


Discover A Whole New Dimension Of Comfort

Revolutionize your home with our leading-edge comfort technology. The innovative 3D i-see Sensor on our new FH-Series divides each room into 752 thermal zones. Then it directs the perfect amount of heating or cooling to the occupants in the room based on their unique body temperatures.


Darn Tough
What Makes Our Socks Tough

First, we don’t make hats, gloves, base layer or soft shells. All we do, all we have ever done, is make socks. We are interested in one thing; producing the best socks the world has to offer.


Obus Forme
Suffering From Back Or Neck Pain?

ObusForme has over three decades of experience applying ergonomic science and a professional understanding of the human body to every product developed.


Travel In Style

Are you tripping Around in high heels And pointy toes? Are you kicking off your shoes As soon As you sit down? Are your feet killing you? Are you dAncing with your shoes off? If so, you should step into our world of beautifully designed and comfortable NAOT shoes and sandals. Yes, it is possible to have both; that’s what NAOT is all about. They are “The Style of Comfort.”


Pretend Tan
Age Gracefully With Pretendtan

When it comes to looking your best, few things can enhance your appearance quite like a beautiful tan. Not only does it give your skin a healthy looking glow—but bronzed skin helps make your teeth look whiter, your eyes brighter and gives your whole body a more toned appearance.


Scotia Bank
Your All-Inclusive Credit Card

Disenchanted with past experiences of administrative hassles, blackout periods, expiring points, and numerous other restrictions, it’s no wonder the vast majority of us are a little reluctant when we hear about a credit card offering a shiny new rewards program.


Sunlight Protection

So you put on your sunhat and shades, slather on the sunscreen and head out the door to enjoy a care-free day in the great outdoors. While you may feel you’ve done what’s necessary to protect yourself against the harmful elements of the sun, research shows the majority of us apply 25-75% less SPF than is needed for adequate broadband protection

Is Your Family At Risk?

When we turn on the news today we are bombarded with horror stories of robberies, sexual assaults, kidnappings and murder. In response, countless Canadians rush out and buy the best home security systems money can buy. But what happens when we aren’t in the safety of our homes?

Posh View
Use Your Time Better

The Internet Of Things represents a major departure in the history of the Internet, as connections move beyond computing devices, and begin to power billions of everyday devices, from parking meters, to home thermostats, and mirrors.


Don't Be A Bobble Head

Whether you’re on the road or in the air, you know there’s nothing better than arriving at your destination fully rested and ready to roll. With this in mind, Cabeau has crafted a unique line of travel pillows and accessories to help you make the most of your downtime.


When In Roam

You return home from a beautiful holiday overseas, complete with a tan, memories, and to your dismay an extremely inflated phone bill. Expensive roaming costs have become such a big issue for us global travelers that most of us simply turn off data and rely on WiFi (when we can get it).


Selfies Made Better!

For the solo traveler capturing yourself on camera is always a challenge. Luckily the world’s first extendable handheld monopod is up to the challenge.


Harmony Collection
In My Element

Known for being a shopaholic amongst my coworkers, it came as no surprise I was elected to find the perfect gift for a colleague leaving on maternity leave. Wanting to find something both unique and meaningful, I was stumped until a glimmer in the jewellery shop window caught my eye.


Nothing Is Out Of Reach

Dyson has cut the cord and engineered a new way to clean. Digital Slim™ is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, engineered for nimble, high performance cleaning.


Start Your Travels At

Meet the most versatile water bottle on the planet. The New Vapur® Element features a patented flexible design that is lighter and easier to hold than rigid water bottles - and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere - to keep you hydrated no matter where your travels take you. Available in .7L and 1.0L sizes


Samsung Galaxy S4
Live In A World Of Intinite Possibilities

Experience more, live more, accomplish more. Capture those unforgettable moments in more ways than ever before. Share your experiences with those who matter to you, no matter the distance.


Stop Hair Loss

Bio-Fen Plus helps to treat hereditary androgenic alopecia (AGA) for male or female pattern baldness. It contains extracts of fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto and flax lignans as well as specific vitamins.


Canon EOS 6D
Take A Picture That Says A Thousand WOrds

Underexposed, out of focus, and blurry; the work of an amateur photographer can certainly make for a pretty painful postvacation slide-show. However, for snap happy folks in search of redemption, there is a brand new opportunity to perfect your skill in style.


Revitive Circulation Booster

If you are one of the 10 million Canadians suffering from poor circulation, you know firsthand the pain of aching legs and swollen feet. Caused by inadequate blood flow to the extremities, poor circulation most frequently affects people over 50, those with illnesses like diabetes, as well as people who struggle with immobility and obesity.


Mane 'n Tail
Discover THe Secret For Beautiful Hair

Exclusive micro-enriched formula that cleans and fortifies with moisturizers and emollients leaving hair soft and shiny


Top 6 Features To Look For In An Ecommerce Web Site

How can you tell which online retailers offer it all--safety, service and a hassle-free way to get exactly what you're looking for? Look for these six features of a world-class ecommerce site, and you're guaranteed to have a superior online shopping experience.


Toronto Hydro
Powering Up For Future Summers

As the largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (Toronto Hydro) distributes approximately 19% of the electricity consumed in the Province of Ontario. While receiving great value from its system, last rebuilt more than 60 years ago, upgrades are now needed to accommodate modernization and the skyrocketing growth of Toronto.


A Bit Of Brazil At Your Feet!

Carrying the name of one of the best known districts around the world in its DNA, Ipanema, in each collection, gives a new meaning to the word versatility – whether in a new model, a new pattern or another partnership with a major name of the fashion universe.