The World's Finest Sunglasses

Serengeti® Eyewear collections are defined by a unique combination of innovative technologies, fashionable design and use of the best possible materials for each application.

Modernize Your House Keys

Imagine being able to securely manage access to your property anytime, anywhere. With OKIDOKEYS’ complete line of smart devices you can lock and unlock any door — including main doors, garage doors and electronic gates — using smartphones, cell phones and smart tags. Thanks to OKIDOKEYS you can very easily in just a few minutes enhance your current deadbolts to enjoy this system.

Protect Your Gear While On The Go

Travel isn’t defined by distance or the means to travel, but rather the act of being on-the-go from one location to the next. Recognizing we are all modern travelers by our own definition, ECBC—a leader in lifestyle- travel—designs backpacks, laptop bags and luggage for the everyday traveler.

Meet Your New Sous-Chef

Traxo automatically consolidates your travel information from over 100 travel websites. Never worry about writing down, forwarding or finding a reservation again.

Track Every Trip, For Free

Preparing healthy and delicious meals for your family doesn’t have to be stressful and time consuming. The iGrill®mini is a connected cooking thermometer that allows you to get out of the kitchen with the comfort of knowing your food is being cooked to perfection.

Aspect Solar
Freedom Is Being Fully Charged

Electrical power has been in our grasp for quite some time now, but until recently, we have been restricted by how long the extension cord will reach. Our lifestyles have been defined by what we can do indoors versus what we can do outdoors, and even with the advancements in technology and communications, we still find ourselves restricted by battery life. Oh, the infamous battery indicator

Kids Fly Safe
The Most Convenient Way For Kids To Fly Safe

If you are like most parents with small children, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about the safety of your little ones. You have child-proofed your entire home, you make sure they are securely buckled into their car seat—but what about their well-being when flying?

My Force
Is Your Family At Risk?

When we turn on the news today we are bombarded with horror stories of robberies, sexual assaults, kidnappings and murder. In response, millions of terrified Americans rush out and buy the best home security systems money can buy. But what happens when we aren’t in the safety of our homes?

Track Your Luggage Worldwide

If you have ever lost a piece of luggage in your travels, you know firsthand how frustrating it can be. Promising to help ease the minds of travelers, a brand new product was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year

Posh View
Use Your Time Better

The Internet Of Things represents a major departure in the history of the Internet, as connections move beyond computing devices, and begin to power billions of everyday devices, from parking meters, to home thermostats, and mirrors.

See The World In A Brand New Way

Redefining luxury eyewear with innovative materials, the new Serengeti® Genus Collection provides improved visual acuity and superior comfort, made possible by a combination of high-tech, lightweight components.

Don't Let Motion Sickness Slow Down Your Holiday

If you are one of the many people who turn green at the thought of a plane taking off, or a ship setting sail, know you aren’t alone. According to Medical News Today, “about 33% of people are susceptible to motion sickness even in mild circumstances”, while “nearly 66% of people are susceptible in more severe conditions”.

Specs That Tell A Story

Fashion is all about individuality—and eyewear should reflect that, too. ZIG Eyewear, designed by Montreal-based designer Cendrine Obadia, perfectly embodies the motto “eyewear as a fashion accessory.” For her newest releases, Obadia has gathered inspiration from her travels around the glo be to enc apsulate spring ’s hottest trends for her t wo lines, ZIGGY® and J ean Reno.

Sleek. Strong. Nimble

Bold, powerful, super light design, highlighted by a lustrous brushed finish. Ultralight high impact polycarbonate is super strong with added corner armor for lasting durability. Double spinner wheel system for 360° maneuverability provides smooth, effortless transport in any direction.