Angels of Flight
Are You Prepared?

On the second night after her arrival, Jenny awoke with a headache and had difficulty speaking. After contacting the resort’s main desk, she was soon on her way to a hospital nearby for care and treatment. The hospital required payment and lots of vital information such as medical history, family name and contact along with health and travel insurance numbers, allergies and more. “I felt helpless and out of control,” Jenny shared.

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“When a family member of mine was diagnosed with ALS, I teamed up with ALS Canada to raise awareness and funds for education, equipment and research. Join the team to win the fight against ALS” Randy Carlyle, Head Coach Toronto Maple Leafs

Canada Health
The Future Of Health Care Today

As with many aspects of life today, technology has changed the face of medical care in this country. Each day, more and more of Canada’s health care system goes digital, resulting in a more effective health care system for us all.

Brain Tumour Foundation
The Burden Of A Brain Tumour

Every day 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. There is no cure. Brain tumours are unpredictable and complex. They don't discriminate. People of all ages and backgrounds are affected. Brain tumours impact vision, hearing, memor y, balance and mobility , and their effects are physical, emotional, financial, and las t a lifetime.

The Lung Association
Asthma Never Takes A Holiday

At long last the weather is beginning to warm up, and winter has been banished for yet another year. If you are like most people, you are counting down the days before heading off to the cottage or taking that long awaited summer vacation.

Nature's Bounty
Bring Back The Beauty Sleep

So, the last thing we expect when our dream becomes reality is to actually end up more exhausted than before we left. While we like to think that our holiday will be all about rest and rejuvenation, many travelers end up spending their evenings tossing and turning.

Cold Season? Bring it on!

The clinically proven, naturally-sourced alternative for the family.

Platinum Naturals
Trim Boost

Trimboost is a fast acting weight loss product designed to simulate metabolism, provide energy, and contribute to a weight loss program without the side effects of anxiety or jitters.

Travel Protection

Almost all of us can sympathize with the unlucky traveller bee lining off the beach in a panic, or the brave foodie who pays the price for their adventurous palate.

Leave A Legacy
Make A Will

Without a Will, the government decides how your estate is distributed. You can’t be certain that your wishes for your family and others you care about will be fulfilled. And, you cannot choose your estate administrator or your children’s guardian.

Oral Health For Total Health

Taking good care of your teeth and gums does more than just ensure you have a bright smile. A growing body of research shows that oral health and overall health are closely linked.

Arrive Alive
Tips For A Safer Celebration

Having a party can be a lot of fun but it is also a lot of responsibility; and with countless collisions caused every year by impaired drivers, a hangover can be the least of your problems. Here are some tips for a safer party:

An Estimated 300,000 Canadians Suffer From Lymphedema

Lymphedema refers to chronic swelling, often of an arm or leg, lasting more than three to six months, due to damage or genetic malformation of lymph vessels or nodes. Damage may result from cancer treatment, be associated with chronic venous insufficiency of the legs, or obesity