Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Spotlight On Progress

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) has built a global research enterprise spanning 15 countries that provides men diagnosed with prostate cancer more reason to hope than ever before.


Melanoma Network Of Canada
Be A Sun Safe Traveller

Our organization is a national, patient-led organization whose mission is to provide melanoma patients and their caregivers with current and accurate information and services in the fight against melanoma.


Arthritis Society
An 'X' A Day Keeps The Pain At Bay

The ASMP is a two-hour per week for six weeks course, focusing on the skills that people with arthritis need - like talking with your family, employer, and physician, the use of assistive devices, and how to manage pain.


June is ALS Awareness Month

It affects the nervous system and over time, people with ALS lose the abilityto eat, drink, walk and breathe. Eventually they cannot hug or speakto those they love..


Ontario Physiotherapy Association
The Many Benefits Of Physiotherapy

Every day, Ontario's 7,000 registered physiotherapists help thousands of Ontarians grow faster, more independent, more mobile, more graceful and more confident. In a word, our clients and patients become stronger.


Heart And Stroke Foundation Of Ontario
9 In 10 Canadians Are At Risk

The Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to develop and invest in strategies to prevent and manage heart disease and stroke - two serious diseases that cut lives short. Fubuary is Heart Month - please give generously.