Fraserway RV
Canada's National Dealer with a Local Heart

Fraserway RV began as a small, family run business in 1969. Due to the founding family’s vision and dedication, the company grew from a 5 employee camper manufacturer in Western Canada to having coast-to-coast operations in 2004. Fraserway now boasts 9 locations from British Columbia to Nova Scotia and all the way north to the Yukon.

Mega Bus
Mega Rewards Onboard

The double decker coaches have front and rear staircases and offer free Wi-Fi, power outlets and DVD video capabilities, as well as panoramic views, two folding card tables, comfortable reclining seats, restroom, safety belts and mobility impaired accessibility.

Summer Thrills

Now that summer is underway it’s time to get out and explore! for those looking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, why not splurge on the summer toy you’ve always dreamed of? Kawasaki offers the ultimate selection of vehicles to enjoy all this season has to offer. from the city streets to the waterways, Kawasaki can deliver summer thrills like no other.

Balogh Sail Designs
Catch Wind

We boast a wide variety of sail types and sizes from our well known full-battened BATWING EXPEDITION to the perfectly balanced downwind TWINS. Choose from a wide range of beautiful colour combinations in-stock, or order custom coloured sails to match your kayak.

Bixi Bikes
Public Bike Sharing System

Take one of the 1000 bikes available in any of the 80 stations located downtown when you need one, and leave it at any station when you arrive at your destination. For a trip on the fly or as part of your daily routine – go with a BIXI bike!

Pride Marine Group
Get On The Water With Chaparral

Starting at $190 bi-weekly, OAC

Experience Canada At Your Own Pace

Canada is the perfect place to "imoho" – it is a vast country that invites exploration! Where you can find that perfect spot to fall asleep and wake up with nature. Where you can travel and share experiences with family and friends. Where you can meet new friends along the way and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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