Dawson City, Yukon
Paris Of The North

What is it about Dawson City? Some come for the history. Some come to visit the cultural oasis in the wilderness. Others still come here for the gold. Some are not sure why they come; they just know Dawson City is one of those places that everyone should see.


Air North
Larger Than Life

Air North, Yukon's Airline is a regionally based carrier providing service within the Yukon and between the Yukon and British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska.


Town Of Faro
Yukon's Best Kept Secret

The Town of Faro is tucked away in a mountainous setting in the Tintina Valley, in the overwhelming wilderness of the Campbell Region between the Hess Mountains and the Pelly Mountains, in the Central-South Eastern Region of the Yukon. A tranquil place where visitors and prospective residents alike find a warm welcome and old-fashioned hospitality.